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AoA Scroll Project (for former Caidans)


Through special arrangement with the Caidan Scribe Armarius and the Lochac Provost of Scribes, residents of Lochac who received their Award of Arms from Caid are being given the opportunity to receive a signed and sealed scroll made on behalf of the Caidan Crown by the hands of the
talented and tireless Rowany scribes of Lochac.

These AoA scrolls will be hand-painted, with some pre-print text (the body of the scroll) and some original calligraphy (all personal information). These will be official Caidan AoA scrolls, with signatures and seals and, as such, will be considered your one and only 'original' AoA scroll by Caid. Caidan AoA scrolls are only available to those gentles who have registered arms. There are no exceptions to this rule. However, we will allow you to go on the list provided your arms are formally submitted to the College of Arms by the date the lists close (see below for further details).

To receive your scroll, you must contact Condesa Catalina OroSol, either by email to:, or by writing to the following address: Melissa Muckart, 56 Beazley Avenue, Paparangi, Wellington 6037, New Zealand.  All requests must be made in writing and you may only request a scroll for yourself.

Your correspondence should include the following:
* SCA name (if your SCA name has changed since you received your AoA, please include both names)
* Mundane name
* Contact details (address, phone and email)
* Approximate date of your award, if known
* Blazon of your registered arms (these will be painted on the scroll)
  ** If your arms are in process, please send a copy of your submission to the College of Arms. These must be submitted by August 31, 2008.
  *** If your arms are in process when you send your request, the onus is on you to inform Catalina when your arms have passed - and to provide  her the official blazon of your registered arms.

If you prefer to get an all-original scroll from Caid, you may write to  at any time. Anyone who puts in a request that way will go onto the Caidan backlog as of the date they request the scroll. The Caidan scribes take care of the backlog requests in the order in which the request came in, not when the award was given.

* This offer is valid until August 31, 2008.
* You will only be put on the list if you contact Catalina and request a scroll.
* No one but you can put your name on the list.
* This offer is valid only for those New Zealanders who received AoAs under Caidan rule and who have registered arms (or arms in process as of the closing date).

Any persons wishing an AoA scroll from Caidan monarchs after the closing
date of August 31, 2008, must contact the Caidan Scribe Armarius to be put on the Caidan scroll backlog. Caidan procedure is such that you must send a request to the Scribe Armarius to have your name put on a list. The waiting list is very long so please be patient if you go that route.

Any queries or concerns may be addressed to Catalina OroSol (Melissa Muckart) at  or 56 Beazley Ave, Paparangi, Wellington 6037 New Zealand. Alternatively you may write to the head scribe of the Scroll Project, Mistress Cairistiona (Tina Bean) at or 89 Constitution Road Meadowbank NSW 2114, Australia.

Thanks to Duchess Yolande for inspiring the project.
FAQs Answered:

1. The current offer for this particular project is only for bare Award or Arms. If you did not receive a bare AoA but instead received another AoA level award (such as a Dolphin, Harp Argent or Crescent Sword), you will need to write to to be put on the Caidan scroll backlog.

2. You are welcome to get your bare AoA from EITHER Caid OR from this generous offer from the scribes of Lochac. You cannot, however, get one of these scrolls now and then decide later that you really want an all-original from Caid, as these will be considered the official Caidan AoA scroll. Not that I expect anyone will do this, but it does need to be said. :)

3. This offer ends on August 31, 2008. There is never a time limit on requesting a scroll from Caid directly.

4. Note that all scrolls from this AoA project most likely have 4 different templates from which the scrolls are made, with the text pre-printed (except for personal information). There will be a pre-printed design which will be hand-illuminated, and the arms will be original and hand-illuminated. I have no doubt they will be at least as lovely as the AoA scrolls Lochac gives out now. I am also advised that the pre-print calligraphy will be difficult to notice since they will be using the same calligrapher who did the pre-print text to fill in the personal information on each scroll. This is very good news. The pre-printed design will be hand-painted so need to worry about that. These will be checked and approved individually by both the scribes of Lochac and Caid and will carry the official seals of Caid.

5. Those who choose to get a scroll from Caid directly will receive a completely original hand-calligraphed and hand-illuminated scroll, although the wait will be years long. You will have to write to the Caidan Scribe Armarius at the address above if you want any more information on scrolls from Caid.

6. Please note that AoA promissories are not scrolls. The promissory has the signature of the Crown and the text of the AoA award. It does not, however, have any seals. This is what you would have received when you got your AoA from Caid.  If you have a promissory (i.e. a pre-print with no seals) then you do _not_ have a Caidan scroll. You have only a promissory, and you are indeed eligible for this project or for a scroll from Caid if you prefer.
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