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Galileo's Gazing

Come to the new Rowany Festival site for an evening under the stars.

*Twilight Tournament
*BYO Feast Feast
*Fascinating Collegium on period Astrology, Astronomy, Medicine and Navigation brought to you by Master Dafydd of the Glens (OL), Baroness katherine kerr of The Hermitage
Master Del (OL), Mistress Cairistiona (OL) and Sir Corin
*Bardic Circle
*Hot Supper
*Bacon & Eggs Breakfast
*New Festival Site Tours

When: From Midday,Saturday 13th of October to 10am Sunday 14th.
Where: Glenworth Valley Horse Riding Centre, Peats Ridge, NSW, Australia.
How Much: $30 (members), $35 (non-members)
Bookings: Absolutely necessary. Cut-off will be the 6th of October, no extensions this time.
Cheques Payable to: 'SCA Stowe on the Wowld'
Bookings To: Lady Tatya (details omitted for LJ)
Stewards: Baroness Finn and Master Hrothgar
Contact: wenchilada @gmail. com (omit spaces) 0411955841 (in Sydney, Australia)

*Site Tour at 1.30pm
*Class begins at 2pm
*Armour inspection at 4pm for 5pm tournament (ish).
*Potluck Feast around 7
*Classes continue into the night with stargazing.

Some shower and cooking facilities will be available, these will be minimal, you may want to bring your own contribution. Camping conditions apply, you'll need to bring comforts from home, including chairs.
There will be privvies. There will be water.

This event is brought to you by the Canton of Stowe on the Wowld and is sponsored by the Barony of Rowany

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