Eslyssa (eslyssa) wrote in lochac,

On behalf of Miles de Colwell

Unto Sir Andre de Montsegur does Miles de Colwell send warmest greetings.

Long have I sat at table awaiting a challenge both noble and worthy.
This note you have penned is both. Know that I, a squire of a noble
knight and baron, gladly take up your gage and will bring a force to
stand against the best that France can offer.

I suggest we contend upon the field at Rowany on Easter Saturday from
the hour of 3. I shall bring a force of English knights, men of
Burgandy and ritters of Germany, all noble and valiant men to give you
such blows as you wish to receive.

Know, Sir Andre, that your men, having been captured will sit
comfortably in the shade sipping iced cordial, with gentle company and
pleasant music. Should any of my companions be so unfortunate to
become your guest, know that their ransoms shall be made before they
step upon the field.

Should you have trouble recognising our company you may merely look
for the banner of Edward, King of France and England and there you
will find us.

If any homme d'armes, wishing to find renown and thinking Edward's
cause just wouldst wish to stand beside myself, they may send word to
me at

I am

Miles de Colwell, esquire
Argent, a chief and a chevron sable, overall a gryphon segreant gules
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