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An Invitation to a Deed of Arms

Let me tell you, dear friends, of a Remarkable Deed of Arms that once occurred during the Breton Succession War of the 14th Century.

On March 27th, 1351, in Central Brittany, there was held a no-holds-barred tournament between the Josselin Faction (the French) and the Ploërmel Faction (the English).

At an agreed upon place, thirty men from each faction (including allies and mercenaries), armed and armoured themselves in the fashion of the day for war, not pleasure, and set forth with their lances, swords, axes, maces and daggers to do each other ruin.

By the end of the day, the French had won. Nine English and six French lay dead with many combatants captured. Some few died of their wounds thereafter. But all prisoners were well treated and released for a small ransom.

The renown attached to the combatants from both Kingdoms followed them for many years to come – with money and offices following the glory they earned in this famous tourney.

With the spirit of those Magnificent Knights in mind, I offer a gauntlet to the fighters of Angelterre on behalf of all those noble combatants who call France home! Whether they be Parisians, Bretons, Gascons, folk from Anjou, Picardy or even southerners from the Langue D’oc such as myself. Yes, even our Hainauter and Burgundian cousins are welcome in our ranks! For does not the blood of the Valois pump in all our hearts?

Who will take up that gauntlet? Is there a noble from that green and pleasant land who might put his tea-sipping aside to join us upon the field of battle? Or is the blood of the English as tepid as their beer…?


Andre de Montsegur, KSCA.

PS: Please make all applications for joining the French side in writing to Andre ( before March 31st, 2009.
PPS: For more information, you might like to check out the Combat of the Thirty Website at:
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