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Ten Reasons to go to Canterbury Faire

1. No mudde. no duste, no venymous fauna! We still enjoy mild weather, a
site with plenty of grass and shade, and a convivial atmosphere.

2. Canterbury Faire XLIV will be bigger than ever, with more days, more
time and more relaxing.

2. The Mangy Mongol is the best Tavern in the Knowne World (by Royal

3. It's amazingly convenient to attend - we have running water, hot
showers, flush toilets, kitchens, bunkrooms, shady tent sites, and even
a few hire tents***, plus an optional full-event meal plan. Our steadfast
transport marshal can arrange shuttles between airport or billet and
site for a modest fee.

4. All sorts of combat activities for heavies, plumes, and fencers,
including war scenarios, tourneys, Pas d'Armes and Baroness's Rapier
Tournament. Also, there are target archery competitions for all
experience levels.

6. Fine A & S classes and workshops for many interests held throughout
the event.

7. A wide variety of diversions, including a Grand Ball, Peasants'
Dance, Village Games, wrestling, Hafla, Equestrian display and
Half-Circle Theatre. Heavy purses are cheerfully lightened at our
fantastic indoor market.

8. Superlative feast!*

9. $NZ160 Early Bird fee includes meals, souvenir T-shirt, feast and all
the fun you can handle.

10. You know you want to.**

*note to potential attendees: The feast is a consistent sell-out and
tickets are snapped up very quickly. Book ASAP to secure a place at the
**And so do your friends, so please feel free to circulate this missive.
***Fast running out

Stewards: Sybilla Cuspinian and Ginevra Serafina della Visconti
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