Beast (pepperbeast) wrote in lochac,

Ten reasons you should come to Canterbury Faire

1. No mudde. no duste, no venymous fauna. Mild weather, and a site with plenty of grass and shade.
2. The Mangy Mongol is the best Tavern in the Known World (by Royal Appointment).
3. Site has running water, showers, toilets, kichens, bunkrooms, and a few tents available to hire for a very modest fee.
4. All sorts of combat activities for heavies, plumes, and rapier enthusiasts, including war scenarios, tourneys, Pas d'Armes and Baroness's Rapier Tournament.
5. The event is fully catered, and there will be a fabulous feast by Bartolomeo Platina and the Peerless Kitchen.
6. $120 Early Bird fee includes meals and T-shirt.
7. Plenty of A & S fun.
8. Archery competitions for all experience levels.
9. Our transport marshal can arrange shuttles between airport or billet and site.
10. You know you want to.

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